Family matters ...

Ah, family. Yes, I have one.
And yes, I love them all (most of the time).
Although my parents are deceased, I have an older brother, Paul J. Vitale, of South Bend, IN, and a younger brother, Chris P. Vitale of Syracuse, IN.
I also have a wife, Sandy (who has put up with me since 1970, believe it or not) and two daughters, Erica and Sanya, both of whom live in South Bend.
Erica and Sanya have provided us with three adorable and wonderful (most of the time) grandchildren,
Dominic Philip Vitale-Richards (Dec. 13, 2006), Alessandra Nicole Vitale-Richards (Feb. 19, 2009), both born to Erica,
and Morgann Isabella Applegate (born Feb. 6, 2001).

Here are some photos of some of the members of my family ... more will come when I have time ...
You can click here for a Web Gallery of Grandkid pix ...







(Sandy's mom)

Chris (my brother)

Santo J. and
Elsie E Vitale
(my parents)

Virgil "Bill" Bougher
(Maternal grandfather)

Moose & Squirrel
(Banff, Canada)

(best friend)